What is segway-steadicam

This as you have already understood that the system it self «steadicam», staged at the wheel module «segway».

To start understanding of what «segway» and its opportunities: Segway - electric two - wheel type transport with a cross - section arrangement the wheels.

Immediately answer the range is constantly asked questions:

  • maximum speed of 20 km/h
  • race - 1 a charge of about 20 km
  • powered by 2 batteries 72V
  • charged 8 hours from the network 220V

The main plus segway is its sustainability and maneuverability. It can easily turn at place. Freely goes on virtually any surface, Gravel roads, forest paths ,overgrown fields, and icy roads and wet from the rain, mud, snow, and even sand - all segway not a hindrance. ( many of these things do not advise try, for a person without experience - it may simply be dangerous) All these qualities make it irreplaceable companion in my work...


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